Alma, a sequestered and forgotten soul...

Alma, a sequestered and forgotten soul...

May 5, 2018 08:39

Alma, you can't find a more noble dog, a worthy and gentle character, who walked around Alora like a skeleton... Who she was and where she came from.. she couldn't tell us obviously... Fact is that she tried to hold on to life like a bag of bones... went from garbage can to garbage can, and then scared sneaking away, to not fall into the wrong hands... She doesn't have a good past, we can see that. She has a gentle personality who quietly acts in a group of around 30 dogs, unnoticed but friendly with the other dogs, all waiting for the day that they finally can be happy somewhere... She will quietly rests her head in your hand, looks at you and knows that it is good.. that we are good to her. Although she is very young herself still, she was pregnant already.. but she lost all of her puppies because she was so skinny.. Now she likes to take care of the puppies in the group... In the beginning, when she doesn't know you yet, she is a bit afraid, holds back but she will observe you from the door opening.. But once the ice is broken, she is a wunderful dog!



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