Dabos, suddenly appeared at the refugio

Dabos, suddenly appeared at the refugio

July 18, 2018 10:23

Dabos was suddenly noticed at our refeugio, nobody knew who he was.. he sat in a corner, shivering.. when we wanted to take him in, out of nowhere a woman showed up en demanded the dog back, stating she was the owner... Dabos actually crawled away from her, he was in total panic because of that woman, which told us more than anything... We were lucky that Dabos didn't have a chip and therefore legally didn;t belong to anybody... to handle things in the way they should go, we did a house visit... no way, he is not going there.. Dabos deserves a warm home, surrounded by love and care, with people who give him some time to get back to himself.. he needs some time but he will be allright, because after a couple of days with is, he is already doing a lot better... 



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