Dartel, an unwanted hotel guest..

Dartel, an unwanted hotel guest..

January 19, 2018 15:15

A young couple that was on a holiday here, in one of the many hotels of the costa del sol, got a warm welcome every morning from Dartel. A young dog, who was trying to start himself a life there... She was left behind and hotel guests secretly brought some food to her... The owner of the hotel found out about it and wanted Dartel to be picked up by the killing station. The hotel guests stood at our gate and asked if we could save her. She had stolen their hearts with her friendly and sweet character, but they were unfortunately not able to adopt her themselves. Dartel is so friendly, she looks really happy, It is like she is always smiling and she will take a turn in her life towards a positive direction. 
Here with us Dartel is very much loved, we only need to to find an owner who wants to bring the sun into their home, and give her a liefelong commitment... her new owner will not regret it, on the contrary!



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