Mom and her puppies on the dirt...

Mom and her puppies on the dirt...

February 20, 2018 10:02

Our mommy Felicita... she had no name, no existence, no protection, no welcome, nowhere... when she was on heat on the streets, all male dogs tried to get her pregnant... and so she was walking around on the streets, pregnant.. Her pregnancy was miserable and a struggle to survive, everywhere, like a dumped podenco, she was being kicked and chased away. When she went into labour, she had to give birth on the dirt on the ground, hiding behind a shed, but even there she was not safe. 
Felicita couldn't stand on her legs anymore, could not provide for her 11 innocent puppies, she was way too weak... She did everything to try and protect them with her last strength.. 
Then we received a call en went to get her... it was so incredibly sad and not humane at all, she bended forward as deep as possible, to try and not get beaten again, trying not to give up on her skinny and malnourished puppies, her big family.. 
Now she is with us, starts to eat better slowly and can take better care of her puppies.. but we help her course, since there are 11.... We hope that she can make it, we will do everything we can for her... But first she still has to nurse her puppies... afterwards she deserves heaven on earth... she is a very good mom and a real sweetheart!



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