My christmas wish

My christmas wish

December 15, 2016 21:15
 Christmas is always the most beautiful time of the year.

Memories of wonderful and less wonderful times, but always a look back with a warm feeling.

Many lives have been saved by us: very badly neglected dogs or just ordinary dumped dogs.

We fight for all lives that come into our hands.

My Christmas wish for this year is that the refugio, that exists now for 17 years, may continue to exist. I hope that we can continue with our mission, which we carry in our heart day and night: the saving of chanceless dogs and cats. Because of the high costs of our shelter we have to economize in every possible area. The cost of our vet, the up keep of the shelter, the high demands of the ministry to be able to export dogs, the difficult laws to exploit a shelter, the social cost, all this made life difficult for us this year. The number of dogs that we have to take in is not getting lower no matter how hard we try, when they are standing at our door we can’t say: “Go back to your home!”

Our wish is that we find people who are willing to support us with an amount every month and in this way make it possible for us to keep going. It is now necessary, more than ever. We would be enormously grateful to you………


We would like to say a big Thank You, to everyone who supported us this year. For our faithful volunteers there was no limit to support us during all times. The feeling of solidarity, the warm feeling to make this happen TOGETHER, is stronger than ever before, for which my sincere thanks.

Let us continue to work together to make ACE SHIN extendinto a center with in the first place a heart for those that are not visible for others, that are chanceless……

Let us continue with our goal to give these chanceless animals a second sincere chance…..



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