For quite some time I was looking on the internet for a friend for our dog Bo, a sweet dog with lots of energy and a bit bossy towards other dogs. I visited the sites of the shelters in the Netherlands often. But it didn´t work out for different reasons, too big dogs, dogs who could not be home alone or dogs who were not good with children. 

Then I came across Amadee on the website of Ace. I was interested but first I wanted to read more on the site. I never knew how the Spanish treated dogs... It made me sad, but i also motivated me to adopt Amadee. I was surprised that so many people were against adopting a dog from abroad. Their reason: I enable the spanish the keep treating the dogs the way they do.

So I contacted Ace and asked what more they could tell us about Amadee and if there were things we should take into consideration. Actualy there were none.  So I signed the adoption papers and a house visit was planned. Luckily we were approved for the adoption and Amadee could come to us. The arrival was exiting for us, how would Amadee be? Would he be happy with us? How ould things go between Amadee and Bo? Bo needed some time to adjust but after 2 days they became good friends.

Amadee is sweet and cuddly dog. From day 1 he had all faith in us and followed us, we could pet him, was not afraid of anything, walked perfectly on the leash and was not peeing in our home. We can not imagine our life anymore without him.



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