Ampa, now Amber

Ampa, now Amber

April 18, 2015 14:06
The history of Ampa/Amber from January 15th, 2015.

Here I am, the small Podenco from Spain.
I was seen on the ACE website as Ampa, a Podenco of about 7 years old. My bosses picked me after having seen many sad sad eyes, they chose me and changed my name to Amber. This name fits my eyes and my chocolate brown fur and the name sounds about the same as Ampa.
I have now lived here for 3 months. It took a while to get used to everything, so many new things around me. My 2 sisters: a 13 year old grumpy Dachshund Gipsy and the 5 year old Cocker Spaniel Jana, have welcomed me very nicely and I have become great friends with Jana, who can run the fastest?
I travel (whenever possible) in the car. On the back seat there are 3 baskets and we all remain nicely seated on our places. Sometimes we only go to buy something but often there s a surprise and we go for a walk. I am a good Podenco and walk along nicely with the rest. When the weather is nice we go with our house on wheels for a trip. I know my place and sleep just like my friends through the night, like I have never known anything else. I have a bench, Jana has the other one and the short pawed Dickerdak sleeps in her basket on the floor......I also get nice food here and something a bone, the other ladies have to stay away from it but my bosses can lend it ( I always get it back).
In short, my animal friends, I am doing very well (a little accident in the beginning) but I like it here, I will stay!
There are baskets everywhere. I now have a large garden from which I can't escape, always a bowl of water and a full tummy.
And so says my boss: I am a sweet Podenco and then I growl with pleasure.
With a little patience and taking my past into account we have come a long way, life is not so bad.
Animals are wonderful and deserve love and protection against people who have no heart, is what Amber says and I return her love.
So and this was my story.

A big hug from Amber for everyone from ACE who works so hard for the animals.



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