Angie now Evy

Angie now Evy

January 10, 2016 13:04
At the site Evy was a cute dog of almost 2 years old, a bitch and she hadn’t lost her ‘trust’ in people. She arrived at the airport and I fell in love with this dog for the second time. Many things were still unknown and that makes it a gamble but also a challenge.
After a number of physical problems (inflamed ears, sore throat and epileptic seizures) everything is now fine. She is a very sweet dog, loves to ride in the car, walks very well on a leash and could run free after two week in our recreation area and a week later at the beach.
She is also social (sometimes a bit too much….With a love for my hands) and sweet with our Maltese dog with whom she has to live together.
Last week she went with us on holiday tot the Sauerland, we stayed in a hotel and went for wonderful walks. She did super and we had a good time.
One thing is sad; she doesn’t want to play, to the large disappointment of the other dog. She did run at the beach for a little while but she stopped quite soon when other dogs were too wild.
When she is very cheerful or doesn’t receive enough attention (she wants a lot of attention), she takes a blanket from the basket, puts it in her mouth and then tramples on it like a puppy….This might need some time.
She is a nice and sweet animal and I hope that the (unexpected) epilepsy is now under control and that she will grow old here.
Everyone would wish to adopt a dog like her.

Kind regards,
Joyce Niessink.



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