Antonella now Nellie

Antonella now Nellie

January 5, 2015 12:33
We are George and Antoinette from Hoofddorp and at the end of September we have received Nellie from you. She arrived with another 4 dogs, that was a great experience.
And then it all starts. What is she like, how does she behave, all things you have to find out.
Well, Nellie is the sweetest present that we have had in years. She was a bit skinny, but house trained and very friendly to other dogs, she also loves children but cats have to stay away from her.
When we had her for 2 months she went on holiday with us to the Veluwe. She adapted well and went everywhere, to the Christmas market, in the open sleigh into the forest. Together we have the time of our lives. She walks free on places where this is allowed and she watches us carefully.
In all we are very happy to have this cuddly dog and we are hoping to enjoy her for many years to come.
We want to wish you good luck and to thank you for everything.
Best wishes for everyone and a good and healthy 2015!!

Kind regards,
George, Antoinette and Nellie.



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