Antonio en Isabelleke

Antonio en Isabelleke

August 12, 2015 14:10
Yes, in September the dogs are living with us for 5 years! And I really hope the having to say goodbye will wait for a bit but the medication doesn't give us the result we were hoping for! The goodbye will always come too soon! But we have had 5 wonderful years! They always went everywhere with us, on holiday to Holland! And the day trips to the seaside! Also in Holland: the dog beach. They could run free there! I was hoping we could go to sea one more time but at the moment he is not fit enough. They are really super dogs and I haven't regretted for one moment that we aopted them. I have also been working with dog whisperer Birgitte Ginee, have a look on the site: and then look at the guest book where you will find our story, it has been from some time ago of course.
Birgitte is also in shock about the news, she also adores Antonio and Isabel.
We don't know how Isabel will react. Usually she keeps to herself but I do think she will miss him! I will ask Birgitte for advice how I can best look after her!
We fully enjoy the time we have left (hopefully a lot!)
But it will be a terrible loss when he is no longer around us!

A sad boss and the kids,
Cindy, Selina and Sander.



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