Arthur, before Thor

Arthur, before Thor

December 20, 2014 13:32
In the middle of March he came into our lives and from the first moment there was that click!
Arthur is just the perfect dog!
He is beautiful and has an incredible sweet character, he walks perfectly on the leash, he is very social to people and dogs, is not defensive of his food, in short a jewel of a dog.
In the beginning he weighed barely 17 kg but now he has become a muscular athlete of 22 kg.
It is obvious that he is happy! He is constantly wagging his tail and romps and plays with our other dogs, he is an enormous cuddly dog.
Especially with Sofie, our other Spanish adoption dog, he is big friends.
In the beginning he had problems with the cats but thanks to Annabelle, one of our cats who is very brave, things are getting better every day.
We are very proud of our Tuurtje, he makes us incredibly happy.
We tell his story to everyone who wants to listen. The more people who know about the situation in Spain, (and other countries), the better. We want to congratulate the people of ACE with their very professional organization and to thank you for all the fantastic work you are doing. We wish you lots of success!

Enjoy the end of year celebrations,
Annik, Eddy, Blue, Arthur, Julie and Sofie



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