Avalon, now Chica

Avalon, now Chica

February 11, 2015 13:30
Here are some photo’s of Chica, the arrival and the crate in which Chica has made the trip. And then 2 days later, after a bath and a bit of pampering.
She is doing fine, I dare to say that she is house trained and everything is going better than expected. In the morning she eats her bread with pate and at night chicken and fish and good quality dog biscuits. She also likes cheese, in the pate I put the anti-biotics and she doesn’t say no to a slice of turkey. We expect that soon we won’t feel all the ribs and hipbones sticking out. In the beginning she was hiding at a spot on the sofa but now she dares to look around her and walks through the house more freely. She happily jumps on the sofa with us and is then waiting to be stroked again. She is lying at the end of my bed covered in her own blanket and at night she crawls over my feet and snores away. She still looks sad sometimes, I think she misses her friends and care givers from Spain. We try our best by taking her for many walks. We try to let her know that she can trust us and that we love her and the rest needs time. We do our best.




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