Ayla, before Carla

Ayla, before Carla

June 16, 2015 14:27
Here are some photo’s of Carla (now Ayla).
Since April 30th, Ayla has been living with us. She has 2 Labradors as house mates and they are now her best friends. She has quickly overcome her fear of the first few days. Since the first night she has been sleeping in a bench like she has never slept anywhere else. She has also shown us that she is a very good watch dog!
Some time ago we have visited the coast together with her and by miracle we met Amina there. Amina has been living in Algeciras together with her and has now been living in Belgium for one and a half years. Their film is still to be seen on You Tube!

Kind regards,
Kris Willems.



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