Beau is doing fine

Beau is doing fine

May 19, 2015 13:33
Beau is doing fine.
I think he is healthy, he is looking good.
Maybe he is getting too much bacon because this week he has been eating a lot of grass.
Someone told me bacon is good for stray dogs. I always go for walks with something nice in my pocket.
Because Beau is now living at an organic pig farm the bacon is no problem.
Next week Beau and I will take our first behavior exam. At the course they told me Beau is very keen but I need to be educated! Beau is eager and enthusiastic and also very stubborn; he follows his nose and grabs every edible opportunity with lightning speed and that’s why we think he has been a stray dog. At the farm and in the field there is enough to be found so he is very busy.
We are crazy about him and will send some photo’s in the next email.

Kind regards,



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