Bigy Boy

March 2, 2016 08:04
October 30th, 2015; the day when we finally found our ‘Dog’. We found him on ‘marktplaats’ so this way of advertising really works!
The dog we were looking for had to fulfill our requirements and those of our Dalmatian Zazoe. She is an older lady from 2004 and not so fond of other bitches or small dogs. Young pups are also too noisy for her. We were looking for a large dog, male, sweet a not a puppy.
And of course we also had our wishes. We live outside of town so a watchful dog would be nice. But because we have many visitors the dog shouldn’t be aggressive. And because the chickens and turkeys are walking free here the dog should have no hunting instinct and he should also get along with the horses and goats. A real family dog also because the dog is here a real part of the family. And on top of all that the dog should be good with children because our grand children of 5, 3 and 1 year old regularly come to stay with us. In short a long wish list. Try and find that dog.........
But on October 30th 2015, we saw an advertisement for Big Boy...What a great dog and the You tube film showed a very sweet, social and stable dog. Big Boy was still in Spain waiting to be adopted.
We send a mail……
The machine was put in motion and on November 23rd, we collected Caesar from Rotterdam airport. What a powerful, beautiful and large dog! He was extremely skinny but that is normal after everything that had happened to him. But what a sweet dog.
In the beginning he had to get used to everything but now he is fine. From day one he got along great with Zazoe, he is really sweet to her!
He is walking around the whole day and a few times we take him for a walk every day. Sometimes one of the horses comes along. Caesar then walks in the front and the horse follows him. He is also very sweet for the grand children.
At the moment we are busy practicing with the car, he is scared of the car and the dog school is almost starting. Let’s see how he feels about that.



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