Bobby, before Aron

Bobby, before Aron

December 1, 2014 13:23
Bobby is doing very well. In the beginning he was very scared and difficult or not approachable. He didn’t trust me. In the following weeks we left him alone and didn’t approach him too much. It went a bit better and he even dared to walk around a bit. Afterwards he had an enormous relapse.
Suddenly he was very scared again! He was running over tables in a blind panic and wasn’t able to relax. I have talked to a behavior therapist and have received a lot of useful information from her. Information about peacefulness in yourself and about calming signals. This way I was able to ‘read’ Bobby. I worried too much about Bobby, I was very sad to see him so scared and not being able to calm him. Bobby felt this and this only created more distance.
Since then it is going well. The last few weeks his trust and behavior increased enormously! It was difficult to form a bond with him because he had built an enormous wall around himself. This wall is crumbling more and more and Bobby starts to open up and becomes attached to us!
Bobby is still a scared dog, outside he quickly becomes scared. We now walk him very early in the morning and late at night. Not much traffic and quiet, he enjoys that. In the afternoon we quickly go for a pee and then back home. Bobby is now almost house trained. Most of the time he does everything outside and comes very proudly to receive a stroke.
We have only been working with him for 3 months and I am very proud of Bobby. He starts to cuddle and loves it when we scratch him, he is also becoming playful and doesn’t run away when I walk in. He now looks at me when I sit down: “hello, don’t forget to stroke me?!”
Bobby really needs quietness and routine. He can’t handle lots of fuss. We don’t yet take him when we go visit people. With our other dog, Bailey, he gets along great! They are often lying together and sometimes they play together.
Bobby’s health is also fine. We went to the vet with him and everything was fine.
We are taking things slowly with him. The most important is that he trusts us and afterwards we will do more with him but for now we will remain within his borders. We are very happy with this sweet darling!!




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