Buddy in his golden basket

Buddy in his golden basket

December 16, 2014 12:48
August 26th, we collected Buddy from Schiphol. He was so afraid of all the new impressions. He peed in the car and then fell asleep on my lap. When we arrived home he was so happy and cheerful.
The first week he was afraid of everything when he was outside. In the house and garden he felt safe and he peed and pood in the garden. After a week things went better, also because of our Boomer Pepper, who is very relaxed and afraid of nothing. He is now completely house trained.
After two weeks we could let him off the leash, he watches us very well and also listens quite well. He plays with all dogs and is very social. Sometimes he is scared but generally things are going super good. He loves to go to the forest, the heather and the beach, he runs into the water without hesitation. He also loves to run alongside the bicycle, he has a lot of energy. He understands some commands and can stay home alone for a few hours in his bench together with Pepper.
He loves to cuddle and he prefers to be lying on your lap and wants to be stroked. When you stop, you will receive a lick or a paw into your face saying that you have to go on.
We have received a winning lottery ticket and are super happy to have him. Many people like him and ask what kind of breed he is. When they hear he is a stray dog from Spain, they are very surprised that he is so sweet and social.

Thank you ACE for the good care of our Buddy!

Maurice and Chantal



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