Buffy en Aura

Buffy en Aura

December 1, 2015 22:16
 We are Peter and Tineke and on animal day we have adopted Mazzel and Deedee (before Buffy and Aura). They are brother and sister.

They are two very sweet dogs, they are intelligent and they learn fast. Inside they are doing very well, outside Deedee is still very scared. She is afraid of every sound and of people,especially children. She is also a bit scared of other dogs. It is going a bit better now than in the beginning. They need a lot of time and love to function well outside. Mazzel has more guts and is doing better. But everything will be fine. We are very happy with our new companions and experiencing a lot of fun. They are running and challenging each other, they are playing and stealing nice snacks and balls from each other.

Real young dogs!!!

We want to thank ACE and all volunteers for their loving work. This takes a lot of time from them but you will receive a lot of love from these beautiful dogs in return and that is the goal, to save these dogs from suffering.

We are very happy to help a little bit.

Keep up the good work and we will inform others about ACE.


Many greetings,

Peter and Tineke van der Vries.



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