Chelsea, a lucky one in England

Chelsea, a lucky one in England

December 4, 2014 12:07
Chelsea (Moussa) has settled in well.

Chelsea has settled in brilliantly she took to my dogs very quickly and they get on great her confidence is building daily.
She has taken part in a few classes with myself and we have found she loves using her nose.
She has spent the last 3 days on a Tracking course run by the IMDT with Gemma and Gemma tells me she amazing at it!
She is still very nervous around dog she doesn't know but that will come hopefully as her confidence grows.
Her recall is now awesome and can let her of lead but I'm careful about where I do that and only if there's no other dogs around.
Her and my Shepherd Frankie play nicely and cuddle up together and every night she spends cuddled up to me on the Sofa! :)
We absolutely adore her !!



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