Chester die Chester bleef

Chester die Chester bleef

November 30, 2016 21:05

Hey, I am Chester!

My boss, Charlotte, adopted me two summers ago from SHIN.

She couldn’t resist the puppy look I gave her at the time. I still use it when I want a cookie.

I am doing great! I also have a SHIN brother who has been in this family during 5 years. He is a bit older and doesn’t want to play with me and I just love to tease him so that he has to play with me.

I love my tennis ball and often hide it under the cupboard, so that I can remove it myself!

When a big man walks up to me I prefer to hide between the legs of my owners.

I am very grateful to the people of SHIN, without them I would never have found my golden basket!!


Many paws and licks,





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