Daisy now Speedy

Daisy now Speedy

July 10, 2015 15:38
We would like to inform you how Daisy, now called Speedy, is doing. She has been living with us since May 23rd, so a bit longer than a month now.
Everything is going fine. From day one she is doing well. The first night she went to sleep in her bench quietly and we didn’t hear from her again. She enjoys the garden very much, the first time she was only looking at it but within half an hour she had examined everything and started playing with some branches. Her favorite game is running after a tennis ball. We found an old tennis racket and she can go on forever bringing the ball back. She is big friends with our children and often plays with them until she has had enough and starts doing her own thing. She can do this very well!
She also has a good relationship with the cat: the cat is the boss and Speedy agrees, both go their own way and also come close together, so this is going well.
As you can see we really enjoy her company, she is happy, cheerful and does well in our family. We have decided to take her on holiday and we are leaving for Bourgogne on July 11th, for a fortnight. There will be another dog but I expect no problems because she is a bit shy with other dogs so she will not react in a dominant or difficult way.

Family Deckers; Michiel, Corina, Thijs, Lotte and Speedy.



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