January 29, 2015 13:26
Hi, my name is Dallas, in Spain my name was Dao but my new bosses liked Dallas better. I would like to tell you about my new home and bosses.
I came together with 4 other dogs to Holland, there were many people with cookies and water.
I didn’t feel good and didn’t want to eat anything. After a while I felt better and I took a few cookies. My new bosses took me in their car and I fell asleep in the backseat with my new boss.
My bosses are very happy with me (they told me so!) because I do my best. At night I sleep in my bench, it is silver colored because they couldn’t afford a golden basket. Fine with me, there is a big cushion inside and only at night the door is closed. During the day the cushion is outside the bench and I can walk free around the house.
When we go outside I have to walk beside my boss and when I behave, they put me on the long leash so I can sniff the bushes and the grass. I don’t like other dogs, they bark at me and I hide behind my boss. My boss thinks this will get better when I get to know the dogs of their friends.
I get my food in a red wobbly thing. That is fun and this way I have more food. Talking about food, my bosses have a large cage behind the house. Two rabbits live there and they look very tasty! My boss doesn’t like it when I hunt the rabbits. Maybe I shouldn’t but it is so much fun!
Yesterday I had to visit the vet. That was nice, they gave me biscuits and they all thought I was great!
At the end they were touching my buttocks, that wasn’t nice and I showed them by biting the assistant. Not very hard but just to let them know I didn’t like the game. I was healthy and looking good. is what they said. I have to return in May for my vaccinations.
Today the boss put me in the shower. Not a nice game. She put stinking liquid in my hair and when she came with the water again, I fled. But the door was closed so I couldn’t escape. Afterwards I shook the water from my body and everything was wet, serves her right!
Now I will stop, this has become a long story after only half a week! I have put a message for all my human friends in Spain between the photo’s.

Greetings from my boss and a paw from me,



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