Duardo sleeps under an eiderdown...

Duardo sleeps under an eiderdown...

March 27, 2015 14:08

I am still enjoying myself very much here.
I go out for weekends and I even go to places where other dogs are not allowed because I behave so well :-)  (a weekend in Rotterdam where no dogs were allowed in the restaurant. Aha, but I was there :-)  ).
I have also stayed in a dog hotel for a week. That was also super, I had a good time with the other dogs. At home I have received an upgrade of my sleeping basket. I now have a real “Danish dog” basket with eiderdown and a pillow to sleep on at night. Super and certainly with the blanket: now they can tuck me in nicely. My cosy house (plenty of space :-) ; see photo’s).
And the crazy bosses have planned another long weekend to Italy and I can also come :-)
When they have a free weekend I will come and give you a cuddle.

Duardo ( censored by Gino and Hilde).



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