eidam found his home

eidam found his home

March 3, 2015 12:43
On February 8th, the day finally came: Eidam (now Cooper) arrived at Schiphol!
We can say it was love at first sight, what a sweetheart! So enthusiastic and totally not afraid, we were covered with cuddles and licks, so nice. He didn’t show that he had just travelled a long way.
Cheerfully he came with us, on our way to the car and home.
When we arrived home, Cooper soon discovered that the sofa is a great place to lie ?
No bench or basket for him. But besides hanging on the sofa Cooper also likes walks in the park/forest/beach. He quickly showed that he listens well and doesn’t run away, so he may run free where this is allowed. Cooper has energy for 10!

Thank you ACE for our super great new friend, Cooper is happy with us and we love him.




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