Floris aka Coco

Floris aka Coco

March 24, 2015 12:51
We are so pround and happy with Floris.

kind regards,

original tekst of Coco:

We took 22 dogs out of a house in Torreblanca, an old lady lived there who lost everything due to the economic crisis. Throughout the years she collected 22 dogs, from which only 1 female was sterilised.... so if a female was on heat, it was a hell and there were fights amongst the many free running dogs. A Galgo cross of eleven years old was walking with a muzzle all day and all night, because he was scared... Two of the 22 dogs were living inside a closet for years, because the friend of the lady liked to beat the dogs up. When puppies came, they were killed and those who weren't good, got beaten up so that everyone turned silent again, all of the dogs were scared... and now they are calming down with us... but you can tell that this family of dogs lived in a very unhappy situation, most of them are very obedient and very sweet, none of them is agressive, in fact humble and noble. They are now getting sterilised and castrated, treated and they are allowed to take the time to regain their calm... These dogs were lucky, because their final destination would have been the killing station... The poor things are now safe with us... Coco is a very handsome guy who is living here with us and copes really good. He is social towards people and deals very well with other dogs. A beautiful dog... hoping for a beautiful future...



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