Frodo and Valiente

Frodo and Valiente

April 21, 2015 11:41
Via Facebook I saw the heartbreaking stories about the dogs in Spain and I want to lift your spirits with a positive story. In August we adopted Frodo and in October Valiente (now called WallE).
The 2 young males look very much alike but their characters are totally different. Still they are great friends who romp around in our house and garden. Just like our children we sometimes go a little crazy because of their behavior but when those sweet dog eyes look at us we melt completely.
Our whole family is being covered with licks and Frodo and WallE are part of our family, they are very good guard dogs. Someone they don’t know is not allowed to enter our garden. When they like someone it is unconditionally, they know exactly who has sometimes nice for them ?

Keep up the good work,
Fam Peeters-Thiebaut from Belgium.



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