Lucky dog Boton

Lucky dog Boton

February 26, 2015 11:49
Boton, who we welcomed into our family and since that time he is called Xinix.

From day 1 he conquered a place into our hearts and we are still crazy about him. He is the sweetest, best, naughtiest, most friendly dog we have ever known. A real friend for all of us.
What struck me most is the red towel in which he was wrapped on 2 of the photo’s in that advertisement. Our friend Xinix is sleeping on the sofa here, under a red blanket. Preferable wrapped inside. Especially in winter because he is a real summer lover. At the moment he has a choice of 2 blankets, red and blue. When you want to cover him with the blue one, he sighs…..Nice that you want to cover me but please, if you don’t mind could it be the red blanket? Please?
He had a difficult start in life as a bottle puppy. But he came from lovingly being wrapped into a red towel into a lovely home with a red blanket.....
Yes, Xinix has found his luck, I think!

Barbara, Roger, Nick and of course Xinix!
P.S. Xinix has his own Facebook site



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