Lucky dog Fausto

Lucky dog Fausto

November 20, 2014 12:07
My name is Fausto and I am living in Belgium since October 11th. When I was 3 months old I was found in the harbor of Algeciras by the people of SHIN. I was taken care of lovingly by the people of the shelter in Algeciras. After some time, 2 ladies came to visit. They took me and Garcia for a walk.
After the walk they left in their car and we went on with our life. After a few days the ladies came back with a friend. I received a lot of attention from them and then they left again.
Another few days later, Paky put me in her car and drove me to another place with a lot of dogs, this was the refugio, Mijas Costa. After a while one of the ladies arrived and drove me to a home where I could run around and jump in the pool, I received nice food and I wondered if this would be my forever home. But no, the next day we went to the airport.
My boss her uncle came to collect me and we drove home. Here it is great. Walks in the morning and evening with my boss, in the afternoon with the mama, we run around in the garden and at the farm (where my boss has her horse). I have made many friends. They told me we will visit the Christmas markets where there will be many sausages and the boss will buy a Christmas tree and they will put presents underneath, also for us!

My boss also wants to say something:
I can say that Fausto has adopted us, he wasn’t the type of dog we were looking for. But the fact that he was following us so quietly and watched every movement of us, made it impossible for us to forget him. After the visit to the refugio in Mijas there were many dogs who fitted the ‘requirements’ better but he had stolen our heart. The dogs who are quiet and are not noticed, certainly deserve a chance. After my volunteer work of more than 4 years ago, still the best 2 weeks of my young life, I was convinced to adopt a dog from a shelter. I am very happy with my 2 SHIN dogs and because of them people in my neighborhood can see that a shelter dog is worth having!
A big thank you to Fabienne and Dirk for starting this great organization, to Paky and her team for the care for my 2 heartbreakers. To Marielle, Diane, Maries, Maribel, Steven, Nancy and everyone I have forgotten, Thanks!



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