Lucky dog Inga

Lucky dog Inga

November 29, 2014 13:09
Inga, soft spoken sweetheart.

At the beginning of 2014, the dog of my parents passed away. It made a hole in their hearts and they never wanted to experience such grief again, they said. But the absence of their little girl, the ticking of the nails on the floor, a dog fur to stroke, a friend to take for a walk,……Became too much.
Maybe another dog?
It would have to be a shelter dog, no doubt about that! But who could fill the very large shoes of sweet Nikki?
The search began……….
Suddenly we saw the sweet face of the 3 year old Inga. A sweet girl, taken from the streets of Algeciras. Her (still young) body showed the signs of many pregnancies and her trust in people was almost gone. But on the video a dog was seen that still wanted to trust people. A dog with a very large heart. A dog that radiated cheerfulness. Despite some doubt about adoption from far away, I managed to convince my parents. I just felt right!
On February 17th, Inga arrived in Brussels. An exciting moment-also for her! And even when she was still a bit scared and wasn’t used to living in a home, she developed into a wonderful dog. A new friend for my parents, sisters and other pets in the family. She was a piece of jig saw that fitted perfectly with the rest. Everyone loves Inga and Inga loves everyone. Her days are filled with naps in bed, on the sofa or on someone’s lap. Every day she goes for walks and enjoys outings to the forest, the sea or with her friends. No dog can replace Nikki but Inga has her own loving spot and has conquered the heart of my parents,……



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