Lucky dog Puff

Lucky dog Puff

January 3, 2015 11:49
Puff couldn’t go on…
I have read that sentence about 100 times because, sweet Puff, it wasn’t our intention to adopt a second dog. We already had a 10 year old German Shepherd, and a 13 year old cat whom we had always promised a quiet retirement. But then this sentence and that photo, and I could not take my mind off you. Your faithful eyes, and your ears pressed flat against your head out of anxiety - I was completely lost. It took me a lot of effort to convince your new owner to adopt you, but after one week he also fell for you.

The home visit…
It’s silly but I was very nervous about the home visit – thankfully everything went perfectly! We assured everyone that you would never be alone given that we run a shop. You would be able to move freely between the shop downstairs and our living area upstairs. We were then told that we would be welcoming you on the 21 December! It was a great feeling to see that your status changed to ‘reserved’ quickly thereafter on the website.

We were upset to hear that you had a cold and therefore unable to fly. The photos that Melissa sent clearly showed that you were suffering and not in a good state. You were so skinny and we were afraid that it wasn’t going to end well. But thankfully you recovered and your eyes were bright again. Thanks to everyone that sent us photos and let us know how you were doing.
At last we received an email saying that Puff had fully recovered, and that a spot had been reserved for him on the flight on 27/12/2014 arriving at Zaventem at 15.40. This meant that you would be with us all curled up in your warm bed before the New Year!

There you were! The cages were offloaded one by one in the parking lot – you were in the last cage together with Constan. You were so small, the collar we bought you hardly fit but we managed. You were not too nervous, and began to sniff around as we approached the car. On the way home you were well behaved and lying in your bench. Then you had the big encounter with Lenka the Shepherd (10yrs) and Manoe the cat (13yrs). You were very curious and went exploring – and also enjoyed the company of our children. The first night I stayed with you at your side. I could tell you liked it as you kept your paw and head firmly on my arm. You slept deeply all night – and I didn’t sleep at all.

Judging by your occasional aggressive out lashes, it is clear that you haven’t yet understood that here you no longer have to fight for your food or a bed to sleep. Luckily our Shepherd is friendly and lets you do as you please. She even seems to be somewhat afraid of you and prefers to stay out of your way. Otherwise you are wonderful, and love to cuddle. This evening you got into your bench and sighed out of joy. We closed the door quietly and hoped for a quiet night – our bedroom is namely right next to yours.

At 8am we wake to the sound of your yawning. We find your bench is dry and haven’t heard you all night – good dog! All of a sudden you want to play with Lenka and the cat and then we realize everything is going to be fine. You play, enjoy brisk walks – how in love can one be with a dog? As I am writing this you are cuddled up to me, yawning, before falling into a deep sleep.
My first Podenco, what a special breed and how much fun we are going to have.



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