June 2, 2016 08:07
Love from Gines.

I want to tell you that I am now a big boy, I am 1 year old!
Last week I celebrated my first birthday. I got a new football, yes I am a real boy and I love to play football. A shame about my sharp teeth…..I also destroy the balls immediately but when they are flat I also like to play with them, look, I can even stand on them!

I am doing very well. I still love to cuddle…..I learnt about that in Spain when you found me.
I was only a little ball then and everyone liked to cuddle me…..
I still like it, when I am tired of playing football, I run inside and lie down on the chair next to my boss and then I receive lots of cuddles and kisses. After 15 minutes I have enough and run back outside and play with my big sister. Nona! Together we cut off the bamboo, the boss likes that because they grow everywhere and we like nothing better than work together to prevent this.......

In the evening when the boss goes to sleep, I follow her up the stairs and jump on her bed, I stretch out on the soft fleece and start to snore…..zzzzzzz!
In short,
I am having a wonderful life here in Meise thanks to you…..Because you found me in Spain, somewhere on the street…
I don’t want paella, I prefer fries…With steak! And yes, the day in September, the get together, I will come! I will give you all a big hug and maybe I will show how well I can dance the samba!
Goodbye, sweet ladies!! See you in September…




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