Greetings from Bellota

Greetings from Bellota

November 11, 2014 14:27
One month ago my husband and I have adopted a dog called Bellota from Algeciras.
We would like to send you our gratitude with a small report. We know that you work hard to save the lives of those dogs and that it is emotionally very hard for many of you.
With this email we would like to thank you and encourage you to keep doing this work.
We will do our best to support your organization.
We have named our dog Tirzah, from the Hebrew, it means the same as Bellota: ‘pretty or beautiful’.
In the beginning she was confused and fearful, everything was new for her.
She didn’t even know what grass was or a garden or birds. She was afraid of everything even from a leaf moved by the wind. The beginning was not easy for us and for her but we didn’t give up.
Things changed quickly and she is now feeling better and more self assured.
She is learning how to behave and be obedient and she learns to trust us. She is eating very well and has gained weight as you can see in the photo’s. She is a sweet girl, very devoted and asks for a lot of attention and is glued to us physically. She is still young and often wild and painfully enthusiastic.
She has colored our life especially because we don’t have children. We are very happy to have her and we can see that she feels well with us and is happy. Therefore we want to thank you and wish you success with the noble work you are doing.

Kind regards,
Bogusia and Hans



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