heintje now Thor

heintje now Thor

July 30, 2015 14:59
Hereby an update about Thor, he has been with us for 2 years now (and he got a nice bone to celebrate!). He is doing fine, he is healthy and very quiet in the house, he obeys well, loves to drive in the car and is doing very well in dog school. He makes us smile because he is a bit crazy. He enjoys the daily walks with me or the jogging with Eric. We are more attached to him than we ever thought, he is really our Thor! He also feels at home with my parents now, that is great because he sometimes stays with them and gets very spoiled ;-)
He is a sweet guy who sometimes doesn’t know what to do with himself and who needs extra attention at some point: he is a sensitive boy who has problems dealing with busy situations, he can be difficult at times which is not easy during a walk. But we know him and pay attention, at home there is always enough peace and that is good for him. At unknown places or during unknown walks we give him extra attention. In August we will go for a holiday to Czech republic, to a house with a large fenced garden, no neighbors and surrounded by fields and forest…….Lots of walks in nature and peace in the garden, he will love it!

Underneath a film about cooling down during the hot days ;-)
In the photo you see that Thor and Harry the cat are best mates (for a little while anyway)
Hoping you are fine,



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