Hi people from Ace!

Finally I got to fly home to my new family in the Netherlands.
I really like it here... my female owner like to cudle just as much as I do and I get to lay next to her in bed. I really enjoy that, and I get to come almost everywhere so goed, how cool is that. 

Yesterday I went to the beach with my new brother Ziggy (Ace Ragebol) and we really enjoyed ourselves there. I was so happy that I had to thank my owner for that. 

I behave really well, I am house trained, sweet for my owner and the small children and want to lay down next to them for hours and hours... I think my owners really like that about me and I think | am in their hearts already. I think I want to stay the rest of my life here!

I  only think that my male owner is still a bit scary, I don't really trust men. But with some time, I will probably experience that all my family members are ok. 

High five paw from Humphrey!



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