After living for 2 weeks with us, Jeroom (now Raoul) has adapted well. He has really become an essential part of our family. He is a super good and sweet dog. He obeys very well,he sits to get his paws cleaned after he has been outside. He never makes noise at night and he didn’t destroy anything.

We often take him for a walk and he really enjoys it. He walks perfectly on leash and doesn’t react to other dogs. He is so well educated and eager to learn that he doesn’t need to go to dog school as we had planned. We do think that he has lived together with other dogs. When we visit our son (who has 3 dogs) he is very happy. They are like the four musketeers. When we arrive home afterwards he is sad during the first moments. If this will remain the case we will think about adopting another dog.



Sonia, Eddy and Raoul.



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