Jet en Eveline

Jet en Eveline

February 22, 2018 16:50

Time to tell somehting about Miel (Ace Jet) and Lien (Ace eveline). Well, they are both doing really well and we wouldn't want to miss them anymore.
Miel meanwhile feels responsible for the pack. When people have a strange walk of when people approach us in the dark, we have to watch him because he will be a guardian dog for us.. but inside the house he is a big softie and there little Lien is the boss.  
Both of them are so cuddly, Lien loves to sit on my lap and Miel loves to crawl up against us and then makes funny sounds when we pet her belly.
Lien is a champion in catching mice. she has caught several of them in our garden and she realy enjoys that. After the hunt, she happily falls asleep on our lap.



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