Handsome Guusje

Handsome Guusje

July 14, 2015 14:57
I often think of you, you are doing such good work for all dogs and cats in Spain. You will have a hard time with this heat, respect for you and all your helpers.
A photo of Guusje and myself, nice to relax after a pleasant walk, we really have trust in each other. She is a wonderful sweet and cheerful dog, quiet, when she is inside and outside she runs fast. She always runs free in the fields and forest, she listens well even when she has changed a lot. She is now more confident and also goes for an adventure on her own. Her fear of being alone is a problem but today we have been away together for an hour and that went well. To be honest, it feels like a liberation, Toine and I didn’t go out together for 2,5 months.

Good luck with the heat and greetings from Holland,
Toine, Ellen, Zen and Guusje.



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