Labbeke en Babbeke

Labbeke en Babbeke

May 23, 2015 13:13
Left Guus (Labbeke) and right Thayza (Babbeke)

At the beginning of March we visited together the kennel in Mijas Costa. We had reserved 2 dogs and one of them we would pick on the spot. Even when they were both great dogs we both fell in love with Babbeke (now Thayza) because we had contact with her immediately and she fitted well with our other 2 dogs, always adopted from ACE.
In the kennel we had noticed that Babbeke was very playful with anoter dog called Labbeke, a male dog from the same breed and he also came from the same hunter. The volunteer was worried when he would be left behind without Babbeke. Especially because he didn't trust people a lot probably because of his bad time with the hunter. They asked us if we wouldn't consider adopting them both. We left with Babbeke and said we first wanted to see how she would adapt at home and with our other dogs.
Beside Thayza we took 4 other dogs to Holland. Fabienne brought them to the airport and arranged all the paper work. At Schiphol airport we only needed to bring the 2 benches through customs and hand them over to a volunteer from ACE. In short, very professional and we can recommend other people to take dogs when they fly from Malaga.

We are living on a farm with chickens who walk freely outside and other cattle so it is always exiting to see how they behave. Thayza was very interested in the chickens, not so strange when you know she was a hunting dog for 5 years. With the other dogs and cattle she was fine and she is doing better with the chickens but we have to keep an eye on her. Because everything went smoothly we informed ACE that Labbeke (now Guus) was welcome and he arrived 2 weeks later at Eindhoven airport.
The reunion of both dog was a small party and they are still inseparable but luckily they also play a lot with our other dogs Floor and Huggo. We are enjoying them and Thayza and Guus are now feeling completely at home here. Guus still keeps his distance with strangers but both love to be petted after a while. They both need a lot of exercise but we knew that.

ACE thank you for all the good care and we hope to see you again.
Jose and Matthijs.



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