March 6, 2016 12:34
When talking about success stories you should know the story about Lianka.
I found out about ACE because of a neighbor who adopted a dog from Spain. I looked at the website and saw photo’s and a film about a very scared dog, named Lianka. I couldn’t get her out of my system. I looked daily at the ACE site at Lianka. After a few days I went for her. A pre reservation was made and I had to wait for the home visit. A lady came to visit me and tried to convince me it was not a good idea to adopt the very scared and because of that, biting Lianka. They were afraid that I would change my mind because she was probably also not house trained and it would be very difficult to find a new home for her because she was also 14 ½ years old. I was not impressed and told her I would go for it 100%! And then I had to wait. After 4 weeks I was told to chose, collect her in Belgium or wait 3 more weeks and collect her in Rotterdam. The choice wasn’t difficult, even when Rotterdam is a few hundred kilometers closer, I didn’t want to wait and would drive to Brussels.
I drove to Brussels with butterflies in my stomach. Finally she arrived with her companions. I was so happy to see her. You have to imagine a small bench with 3 leashes sticking out from 3 sides, that is how she had been pulled into the bench. People wanted to help me to lift the bench into my car. Lift her into my car? I asked scared! She has to drive for hours in the car to Holland, she has to get out!
Sorry, sir but we don’t dare to get her out. After listening to me someone offered to help to see if we could get her out. In front of the door of Zaventem airport I sat on the ground and took off the top part of the bench. After looking around she crept close to me, unbelievable!!!!! I also saw that she had kept the bench clean and that gave me the feeling that she was house trained. In the end we sat there for about 1 hour, when I got up she just walked with me to my car. I lifted her on the back seat and walked around the car to get in. In the mean time she had moved to the front seat. I got in and drove away and at the same time she put her paw on my knee. If I think back of that moment tears come to my eyes again. When we finally arrived in Purmerend (home) I noticed how very scared she was. She was also walking on 3 legs, one of her front paws was very thin and malformed at the toes. That gave me a scare, I wasn’t informed about that. At home she sat in a corner of the living room. When I took the remote control she was so scared she peed out of fear. It was obvious that she had been beaten before. Very slowly I gained her confidence, bit by bit but never completely. When I make a (in her eyes) sudden or unexpected movement, she cringes. But she has never shown her teeth at me, never!!!!! With financial help from ACE I visited an orthopedic surgeon in Arnhem who made a brace. I wanted to see if it was possible to let her walk on 4 paws. After 3 months and 4 trips to Arnhem the brace was finished. It wasn’t easy but with a lot of patience from both sides she was slowly walking on 4 paws. She now has a shoe, which I developed, and she is even running!! Without the shoe she can’t use her paw but with the shoe even new muscles have developed in her paw. She is really the sweetest dog you can imagine. Of course more owners will say this but they have never met Lianka. A month ago she had to go through a nasty intestine operation. Lianka and I have made a deal that she will at least live to become 20 years old. Don’t forget that she is now 16 years old!!!
Every day we go to the forest and she is almost always running free. She still doesn’t trust men but women she trusts after a little patience. I want to emphasize that she never has shown any aggression in whatever form. She is in one word, FANTASTIC!



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