Lima and Fausto

Lima and Fausto

January 26, 2015 12:17
We are Lima (Aurora) and Fausto, before the happy season Fausto ( the brown-white one) has told his story and I did this one year ago. Fausto had promised to tell you about the Christmas period but he is lazing on the sofa so I will do the job.
We have been to Cologne for a few days, to visit the Christmas markets. I had told him that it was going to be big fun! The hotel people had to laugh because our boss had more luggage for us than for themselves. We were being spoilt with nice food by the owners of the hotel, all free!
Our boss said she will dress up like a dog next year. We even tried eating chestnuts but I prefer sausage! Then Christmas came with presents for us under the tree together with the dog from meme and pepe. Unfortunately Zita doesn’t like me very much, I am too wild, is what everyone says……….
I thought Spain was very exiting especially when I could walk around free in my former home, the shelter of Algeciras. Everyone recognized me, Aurora Loca, Paky and Mari were so surprised when I was lying under the table in a restaurant during lunch. They said I was so wild that they thought I would be send back to Spain, but here I can get rid of my energy. Old Manolita was my friend when I was visiting the shelter, he is very fit for his age! I have heard that he has found a home, super!
I also met Fortuna, a foster dog from my boss, a super lady! I didn’t see Keats, the other foster dog but it seems that he will soon be leaving for Holland. I wish him the very best.
I also visited the shelter in Mijas .
We went back to Belgium with my brother, I am so happy to have now a play mate! We have added Kamiel (Mieltje) to our group of friends, a Mops dog and Dickie a Cavalier. Jack, a Berner Sennen is still my best friend. I heard them talking about going back to Spain, that sounds great. I can sunbathe at the pool again and jump in. And on the flight back I will tell them to take some friends back to their golden basket.
So now you know, they are lucky to have us here! Now I will go and tease my brother on the sofa.

Many greetings to everyone,
Lima, Fausto and Tanya (our boss)



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