Liseli, before blimpie

Liseli, before blimpie

April 25, 2015 14:02
Liseli (before Blimpie) has been living with us in Belgium for a few months now. She was thrown from a driving car in a cardboard box and has been looked after well in your shelter in Spain. She is now a wonderful dog without a complex but her coordination is not like it should be and she doesn’t see as well as other dogs. But that doesn’t bother her at all:
“I hop around like a rabbit,
I snap at a cookie like a fish,
I enjoy life like an elephant,
I defend my food like a real lion,
I gnaw at everything like a rat,
I am everywhere present like chickens,
and still I feel like a real dog!!”

A lovely dog with a history but with her own will!!
“I live, enjoy and go for it that is her motto.
A naughty dog but she melts all heart around here with her innocence!!
Thank you for saving her, she is more than worth it!!!

Kristel, Liseli and the other dogs.



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