Lowieke, before Safari

Lowieke, before Safari

June 9, 2015 14:02
Lowieke came to live with us on October 28th, an exciting moment, waiting at the airport for the new family member.
We knew he was an active dog but we were a bit scared when we saw him jump hyper active from the travel bench. He peed over everyone and everything. We knew there was work to do. He was obviously a dominant dog. Would we manage with our small garden? And at home there was a Rottweiler waiting for him, would that be okay?
At home we introduced the 2 dogs during a walk and that went well, a bit of sniffing and the bond was formed, is what we thought.
At home Lowieke was allowed into the basket of our Lubbe, the Rottweiler, we were jumping with joy. Because it all went so well we left the bench of Lowieke open when we went to sleep, because
Lowie didn’t like to be locked up. But this wasn’t a good idea because during the night our heart was suddenly beating very fast. We heard a lot of growling and thought that they were fighting. Luckily there was only a lot of barking and no biting but from then on the bench was closed for some time.
This has happened only once. From then on it went better every day and they learned to live together. Lowieke is not as hyper active as we thought, he is rather relaxed, he loves to enjoy the sunshine and sometimes to run after a ball, go for a long walk and that’s all he needs.
Lowieke wasn’t used to living in a home. He was house trained very fast, only twice an accident before he realized he had to go outside to do his business. He also wasn’t used to cuddles or a treat.
When you gave him a bone in his basket, he looked at it and didn’t know what to do, he then preferred to bury it, I don’t want to know everything that has been buried in our garden ?
When you would literally put it in his mouth he would enjoy eating it, very moving to see.
He also wanted all his toys in his basket even when there was no room left for him, the toys had to be in his basket. He didn’t need to be cuddled, he started to discover all the spots in the house, the sofa, can I sit on it? He would be so proud and be happy when he was allowed.
And little by little he came closer and started to enjoy the cuddles and now he is about the biggest cuddler you can imagine, he always wants to be close to you.
He really is a dog who needed time to realize he can stay here forever, no need to hide food and treats because I will get enough and nobody will take it away from me. And there are plenty of toys and cuddles are also always available.
We have also had problems with his food during a long time, he vomited regularly and you could see he didn’t feel great and at some moments he didn’t have control over his peeing, so we really thought there was a problem. After several visits to the vet we were still searching and we tried different types of food and we used drops against his incontinency. Things improved but we discovered the problem was stress related. The problems were worse when there were changes, when strange people or dogs came to visit, when we went on a trip and so on….
So now we try to anticipate. Lowieke is clearly a dog who shows his macho side by barking loudly at other dogs or in new situations but in reality he has a very tiny heart…….
We have also learned that Lowieke loves to hide in his small cocoon. We have to put a blanket over his bench or he won’t sleep, he prefers to sleep in our bed under the covers and outside he hides under the cover from the garden furniture to take a nap. I can go on for hours about Lowieke.
We can’t live without our Lowieke from day 1, we were immediately in love and every day we look at him with much love and are very proud because he is doing so well, happy because we have him.
We keep our fingers crossed that ACE can go on for a very long time, doing what it does for all those dogs like Lowieke.
Lowieke is wearing his best costume for you to say THANK YOU in his way!!!
Many greetings and keep up the faith,

Mira, Tom and Lowieke.



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