Luca, before Nana

Luca, before Nana

November 12, 2014 13:03
Hereby a film about Jerry, the Airedale, and Luca (before Nana).
As you can see they are having a great time.
Luca went to the sea side twice, she runs like mad behind the Seagulls, dives into the water and has the time of her life. Her first holiday in France was also a success.
She is a very devoted dog, always happy, always cheerful and always hungry…….
We have to watch out because she helps herself to things that are not meant for her. Brussels sprouts, apples, pears, you name it…….She eats everything…….

A few weeks ago we discovered that she suffers from Demodex. The infection with Stafyloccen is now under control and she had a treatment with Ivermectine twice and is doing better now. Every two weeks we go for check and we will conquer this mite. I think the combination of sterilization and stress has caused this. She went through a lot in a short time. The bold spots on her back are becoming less but we were scared for a while.
If you know of a good treatment please let us know……

Katrien Clinckemaillie.



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