Lucky tells his story...

Lucky tells his story...

July 21, 2015 12:20
Do you remember me? I have lived with you in Spain for 2,5 years. Now I have been living for 9 months with my boss Rob and his wife Paula. I am doing very well and am very happy. Rob and Paula make sure that there is always someone at home during the day. And when that is not possible, I sleep nicely in my basket. Sometimes I lie on the pillow on the sofa. When Rob finds out he is angry with me. I know it is not allowed but it is very nice to lie on.......
I also go to dog school. I have gotten my first certificate, now on to the next one! Last week Rob and Paula started to teach me to swim. In the beginning I didn't like the water. That is because I fell through the ice last winter. The water was so very cold then! But when it is warm weather it is nice to go in the water. I can't swim yet, but I am doing a bit better every day. Sometimes Paula throws my tennis ball- I am crazy about tennis balls- a bit too far in the water. Then I try to get it. Sometimes I succeed. Rob also goes into the water, he makes sure the ball is between him and myself. This gives me a safe feeling, then I dare to get it.

This summer we went on holiday for a week to Ameland. I thought it great. There were many rabbits and I love to chase them. Too bad Rob kept me on a long line. Cats are also interesting. Makes me really fanatic. But some cats don't understand the game. They remain sitting when I storm at them. That is no fun. They have to run away as fast as they can, then I can chase them.

Sometimes I may stay at my aunt Marianne. That is fun. She has 2 dogs. Fien and Guusje. Same size as me and we are great playmates. In Spain I learned to be social with other dogs. I am not scared of them. No need to be scared because I run the fastest anyway. But some owners get nervous when I meet their dogs. Stupid!
In Ijsselstein we met Kim van der Laan, who worked as a volunteer in Spain. We recognized each other! We always shop in her shop for me. That is really nice because Kim always has something nice for me to eat.
I get a lot of attention and care. Rob says this is because he and Paula are so happy with me. Well that is great because I am also very happy here.




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