Mallorca (Toke)

February 19, 2016 19:56
Who saved who? Toke (Mallorca) came into our life......I was very sad because my Boxer Nounia had died on June 30th, 2015 at the age of 13 years and 20 days......
Toke had lost his trust in people…...Toke saved me, she gave me her heart with 4 paws! In the beginning things were a bit difficult with the cats….But now some of the cats are receiving licks….
Things are also difficult with ‘some’ men but with most people she is fine. She was house trained after 3 days (fast!!!). She enjoys the walks, the playing with a stick (she is no longer scared when me or my son holds it), taking stones home, lying on the sofa, playing with Femke the Bull dog. She has gained weight and weighs 27 kg. She waits for her breakfast but prefers dinner, when the boss cooks meat or fish, yammie……I am allowed to touch her bowl and can clean her ears and eyes. In April she will become 8 years old but it feels like I have a cheerful puppy in the house who has left the past behind and enjoys life to the full….Yes, I feel happy….Toke has saved me!!!



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