March 17, 2015 14:55
On January 24th, I collected Miko at Zaventem. On the way home he crept into my arms and it was immediately clear that we belong together. He is really a dream dog, sweet, good and enthusiastic.
He sleeps next to my bed and every morning he patiently waits until I am awake and he then wishes me good morning. It has taken a week before he was house trained but since then there were no more accidents. Every day we drive to the forest and we walk for an hour, he loves that. He can walk free and race around, he needs that. He can run very fast. When he is lucky we meet a dog he can play and run with. He also knows when I have to go to work, he installs himself on the sofa to sleep some more. I can take him everywhere with me, he behaves very well. On Saturdays he comes along to the academy, he has become the mascot there!
I can’t understand why he had to wait so long for a warm home………
To everyone from SHIN, again many thanks for your fantastic work!

Kind regards,
Siska Vermeylen.



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