Milou aka Ami

Milou aka Ami

November 1, 2014 12:27
On April 13th, we greeted Milou in Eindhoven ( In Spain her name was Ami). She was very quiet and sweet, the first night in the bench was not a problem for her, she felt fine. The first 2 months she had some problems with her digestion and we visited the vet a few times. She was never sick and always wanted to play games and slowly it was going better.
She has adapted well to the people around her. She is not immediately enthusiastic when somebody she doesn't know comes in but she waits and after a while it is fine.
With other dogs she is also a bit hesitant at first but after the second meeting it is usually okay.
She listens quite well now and she may run free when we are outside, you notice that she watches her boss all the time and follows him everywhere.
When we go for a short walk I let her free (when possible) at the football court of the playground and then she runs in circles as fast as she can, really great to see and then she throws herself at your feet to get her reward, good to see how much she enjoys this (and the boss also).
Milou is also very sweet to the grand children and they are also very happy when they see her, so we are very happy to have Milou with us and hope that we will enjoy each other for many years.

We wish you lots of success with the ACE foundation.

Ton and Henriette van Mierlo.



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