Minley home in Denmark

Minley home in Denmark

June 8, 2015 14:08
A little news about a lovely darling dog -our Minley, who waited so long for her for ever home, but never lost courage - a brave girl. Well now it has happened - Minley is home, where she belongs, with Charlotte, Maria and Bosnian rescue sister Anabel - and Minley moved right in - a little bit bossy at first towards Anbel, but after a few days she calmed dowm and understood that this great place is for keeps - and Anabel is not a competitor, but a cohabitor, a sister, best friend, playmate. This is not a shelter with soo many other dogs, but a home - our home Minleys and Anabels has to share..
Minley is an easy, great dog, good with other dogs - and even cats and great with people, she is adored now by her family, as she should be.

Minley is home and sends her love to everyone in Spain.




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