My Bodeguero is fantastic!

My Bodeguero is fantastic!

October 31, 2015 20:00
"Who are the lucky dogs again?"
Never did we realize that Bodeguero's are such fantastic dogs. Our little Maaike with her fine three colored snout and her white body is our 'bundle of joy!'
Okay, there are still a few little things to work on, she is very insecure on the street and she refuses to do her business on the street. She waits and after the walk she walks into the garden where she then does her business in privacy. Good thing, hey?
Now that winter is approaching and because Maaike only has a thin coat, we ordered a winter coat for her made by Peggy van Ranst from the Galgo shop. Let winter come now.
I know that the Spanish dogs, when they have found a good home, are called 'lucky dogs'.
That is fine but in the case of Maaike I know who the real 'lucky dog' is: MOI!!

Alice Holemans and Maaike



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