Still together...

Still together...

November 3, 2014 14:15
Damien, Loewis and Vince (before Damian, Dominic and Dylan)

Our 3 darlings have grown a lot and are now used to a structured life in a home.
This photo was taken after they had been playing in the garden and finally were taking a big afternoon nap......On the sofa, safe and close to me (they are allowed on the sofa WHEN there is a blancket covering it).
Yesterday evening Dirk, Anneleen and myself (each with our own dog) went for a walk together. They love it. It looks like they are glued together. We have noticed they walk better when their brothers are present. In the garden they are 'fighting' daily but they can't live without each other.
They have had a thorough check up at the vet and they are declared healthy. They have received extra vaccinations and have been wormed 2 times. Unfortunately they all suffered from an ear infection. They don't like the ear drops, they go and hide themselves.
I have given myself extra work because I now daily have to clean the floors because of all the sand that 12 paws are bringing inside. But the friendship we receive from them is so pure and honest. That is priceless.
We are happy that we managed to keep the 3 brothers together. When they are snuggly lying together in the basket at night I think to myself "sweet darlings I don't want to think about how you could have fallen into the wrong hands, now we are writing a beautiful story together and the end in not in sight for a long time".

Marleen and the 3 musketeers.

P.S. They are still sleeping....



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